Sented Floral Candle

AroMarie offers a unique collection of beautifully hand-crafted candles created locally in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Each candle is hand-crafted and hand-poured from start to finish, which sets us apart from the mass-produced products on the market.

Natural Scent
100% Aroma Oil

Our fragrance oils are premium aromas infused with natural oils, which are carefully blended by professional perfumers to bring your favourite scents to life.

Made with natural dried flowers and combined with natural oils, these candles enhance your home with a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Marie Chu
Candle Artiest, KCCA Instructor

Each item is created with the passion and determination from our company’s founder – Marie. She believes in the vitality of meticulous work and purity of the ingredients.

Each candle is hand-crafted to encapsulate the perfect combination of dried flowers, natural oils and wax.

KCCA Certification
Korea Candle Craft Association

Certification in KCCA requires students with a deep passion for candle-crafting to work on 28 candle projects.

Various techniques to candle-making will be presented as students learn more about waxes, colours, dyes and other tools through hands-on training activities.

Online Workshop

Beginner Workshop

Chinese New Year
Flower & Gift Fair


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